Lest we forget. With a hard earned freedom comes great responsibility.


Scrap liberal democracy and demand the freedom charter?


The world is watching us? Let us shut them out with the secrecy bill instead?


Sharpville ’66. A hard fought freedom must be defended with everything we have.


Have we reversed this incomprehensible injustice? Have we prioritised this mission.Do we have the political will?


The life of a Black African youth had less value than that of a German Shepherd puppy. Has this changed? Was the infamous June 16 more than just a day that we now ‘celebrate’ as a holiday?


The campaign failed. He was killed. Does his blood nourish the tree of freedom as he prophesised? Is the tree wilting away or blossoming?


Could his philosophy be any more relevant?


A role model for our leaders?


Allow me to hypothesize, I believe he looked forward to more than just having an airport named in his name. Perhaps Oliver Tambo would only be impressed when his people own the land the streets are built on and not the street names.

We must never forget where we come from. We must never forget the ideas, philosophies, sacrifices and altruism of fallen martyrs that has brought us to this point. Let our leaders be judged against the ethos of those who lead us to this point of gestational-freedom.


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