Be authentically and unapologetically AfriCAN!

  Our deepest misfortune, as Africans, is that we have internalised the Westerner’s interpretation of who or what we are. In the process we have lost a sense of ourselves. We are in a continuous struggle to chase something we can never attain, ‘Western sophistication’. We are Africans damn it and that is the ultimate superiority in the human condition.

Africans espouse ways of being and living that will have all the Gods from Jesus to Jah and Allah to Mvelinqangi marvelling at our humble, simplistic, homeostatic, cosmic and coherent way of life. Being African is the realisation of the actualisation of the human condition.

Africans need to stop being apologetic for who they were and who they should be. We need not allow ourselves to be relegated to the backstage of the world act.

The dark-skinned inhabitants of this land must lead the world back to that philosophical place where each lights the other’s path and we collectively ignite a rejuvenating fire that will bring light to the world.


The former home of Utopia! The current home of ‘Aluta Continua’. The future abode of Utopia?

4 thoughts on “Be authentically and unapologetically AfriCAN!

  1. Kunzima to go back to our roots because we fear being mocked and ridiculed by our fellow sophisticated Aficans. People need to realise that by embracing who they are doesn’t take away what they have learnt or achieved.

  2. I love the picture. How very true, while reading this all i could think of was how africans have conformed to the westerners standards when it comes to beauty. Great peice man the world is yet to know about you

  3. @Philile agreed. Using the lens of the West to judge success or progress makes us not see any value in an alternative way of doing things. That is a perfect example Angel, we have started to aspire to a ideal of beauty that is foreign and uncomfortable.

  4. Well written nd so true. Kodwa ke goin bk 2 our roots wud b hard because we are used to this life we have ‘adopted’ from the Westerns.

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