Pregnant with success!

Education is a lot like pregnancy. Engage with any individual at postgraduate level and they will concur. You see pregnancy is not fun. Now is the time for you to point out that I have no experience in the matter (pronounced mattar in SA political circles) I am discussing but that is not the point.

There are two reasons why most women live with the inconvenience of pregnancy. There is the matter of the relief from the ‘monthly blues’. The other reason is the thesis of this piece. The end justifies the means. The reward makes light the work before it.

There you go! I can already see you making the connections now. I see you associating childbirth/labour with exams or that deadline for your thesis submission. For the Psychology attuned you are already drawing the parallels of teratogens or alcohol consumption causing foetal alcohol syndrome with engaging in counter-academic (this term makes for a fresh change from the political rhetoric of counter-revolutionary) activities being detrimental to your performance. Of course some people fail the pregnancy test or rather do not get DP.

The gestation period is the time it takes you to get your qualification. Some do it in record time, the 9 month equivalent, others go beyond the average time whilst others deliver prematurely. Premature birth is accompanied by developmental problems, higher rates of ADHD and learning difficulties. Similarly with premature ejection(if you read ejaculation, we feel your pain) from the academic sphere comes poorer job prospects and a lifetime of enforced smiles accompanying statements like ‘This way ma’am’, ‘Ngiyabonga malume’, ‘would you like that extra cheese combo with a diet Coke sir?’.

Take care of yourself during the pregnancy. Network with your fellow preg fella’s. Get the necessary support.

I must add there is one discernible difference between getting an education and pregnancy. You need not worry about the ‘baby daddy’ running away from you during the aftermath of an academic pregnancy.


Good luck to everyone in an academic quest!


7 thoughts on “Pregnant with success!

  1. Oh wow, very informative and educational Shuffle! Well handled and delivered! Impressive hey. As for those who read ejaculation I also feel your pain! With that said I guess I’m one of those who will deliver beyond the proposed delivery time! Mnciiim who cares anyway? Me of course! Oh well, there’s nothing to be done!

  2. I love reading anything by Shuffle! I am currently heavily pregnant, due in a year’s time, and the best news is that im carrying twins:-) (honorary degree) Kodwa ngicabanga ukubalamanisa maduze nje (Master’s) ngoba the more,the merrier!!!!! Love you Shuffle!!!!!!!!!!

  3. “Congratulations, you’re pregrant”. This is great news for a couple who have been trying to fall pregnant. Its similar to “we are glad to inform you that your application to study at our university is accepted”. But the precautions one has to take during this ‘pregnancy’, the enduring sleepless nights, the anxiety, reduced pleasure and freedom demands one to be really dedicated. In the end you know that the discomfort was worth it!

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