Who is an African?

You can, physically, remove people from Africa. However the umbilical cord that binds us to the cultivated philosophy of being an African cannot be severed.

Africaness resides in the generous hearts of Africans much like it is seen in the homeostatic state of her flora and fauna. Our inner worth supersedes the mineral riches found in the inner depths of this magnificent place. Let the world import this element of Africa!

Being African is not merely a matter of the colour of one’s skin. It relates to one’s aspirational ideal, values and mores. It is that inspirational ideal that Biko suggests will give the world a more humane face. There are ‘white’-skinned people who embody Africaness. There are people darker than ‘the night before last’ whom Africa would reject, were she a punitive force.

Before slavery, colonisation & apartheid there were no prisons but discipline was ensured. No hell but heaven was omnipresent.

Rest assured we will seek the Africa we miss in the mess that we see! We ought to have learned that the contraindicative values of alien forces have caused us great despair. The welcoming attitude that led to accepting, eternal, visitors who arrived with a competitive urge to dominate when cooperation had been the status quo has proved to be precarious. A tinge of vigilance ought to be added when faced with nefarious, un-African pressures.

We must not miss a step in the journey to the predetermined destination that is now lucidly defined with certainty as the point of departure.


RIP to two African stalwarts: Walter Sisulu who’s father was white and Yossel Slovo a Jewish, Lithuanian-born white man so African they called him Joe.


Dear Bantu Biko: What does a more humane face look like?


Faidherbia acacia tree: Scientists say this tree has soil nitrogen-fixing properties with climate change moderating effects and farm-saving potential. Africans inherently knew that nature was non-maleficent and self renewing when respected.


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